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Want your clients to talk about you?

On top of usual decoration elements adapted to your activity, such as sofas, meeting chairs and table, carpets, paintings, coat hanger, cabinets, lighting, etc…, I find original artwork or accessories, and I set up a relaxing space, a kitchenette, or else.

Through well-thought decoration pieces, your clients will find a relaxing and original atmosphere as they wait for their interview – which is often a source of anxiety – as well as during the meeting. They talk about your practice to their friends and family. You stand out from your colleagues!​

Your workplace feels like home, while respecting professional criteria, including seriousness and confidentiality. Your colleagues and assistants (if you are in a group practice) may be consulted for the choices.​

Are your diplomas really the most appropriate or esthetic decoration for your office or your welcome area?  Decoration reflects the impression you wish to leave : calmness, pugnacity, force, luxury, simplicity, empathy, seriousness, reliability, etc. Anyway, even if you beleive your style is ‘classic, an unconsious message comes across from you working environment. Let it be the right message ! 

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