Moodboards for a legal practice

Version 1

For the welcome area, the conference room and the kitchen of this legal practice in canton Valais, I suggest  an anchor into the tradition and the mountains, with roundness and natural colours. Brown symbolises strength, reliability, conservatism and nature; white kindness and innocence. Important values for laywer and clients alike.  An ancient picture as wall sticker (interchangeable for little money) and the shape of the traditional hat reminds of ancient Valais. Such a moodboard is constructed for each room.

Version 2

For the same spaces, a scandivian atmosphere with dégradés of greens and nordic blues. Here we make a color choice, but with the smoothness and transparency of water. Blue stands for security, financial reliability , seriousness, thrust, peace, masculinity; mustard for prosperity, wisdom, tradition; green for freshness, newness, healing. 

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