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You would like to help someone who plans to move to in Switzerland or has just arrived, with or without his/her family ? You are a real estate business in charge of finding and furnishing a place for expatriates? 

Or you have just arrived yourself, you have little idea of the Swiss decoration and furnishing market, and you are busy with a thousand urgent matters upon your arrival. Would you like to find someone who is familiar with your culture and speaks foreign languages, in order to assist you with your choices, or make them for you?

The first meeting can be done through WhatsApp, Facetime ou Skype. 


Increase your wellbeing! Be proud of your new home when you invite guests over!


No matter the size of your budget, the type of home you live in or your personality, I am here to help you arrange your new flat or house in an individualised manner and maximise your wellbeing. I take into account of your work environment, your personal and family circumstances, your culture, your natural surroundings and the neighborhood you live in. My fees are totally transparent and very competitive.


Thanks to my vast professional experience in the healthcare sector, I practice active listening and empathy and I am therefore able to quickly grasp your needs and dreams, as well as to find alternatives to the usual brands and neutral trends.


I collaborate with relocation agencies and real estate agents if you have chosen to use one, but I also advise and proceed independly on specific services related to your resettlement, such as various connexions, school choice and enrolment, public transportation subscriptions, introduction to local networks for accompanying spouses, etc.

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