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Why should medical practices be

so depressing?

You are a physician, a therapist, or a dentist, and you have decided to open your own practice but you need to concentrate on professional tasks and you have no time to spare to think about decoration, although you realize it is an important ally in your activity? Your workplace needs a serious refresh to make it comfortable, attractive and modern?


Thanks to a targeted decoration, your patients will find a relaxing atmosphere as they wait for their visit or treatment – which is often a source of anxiety –  as well as during treatments of classes (e.g. yoga, nutrition). They are happy to come back and they talk about it to their friends and family!


Your workplace feels like home, while respecting hygiene and professional criteria, including confidentiality. Your colleagues and assistants (if you are in a group practice) may be consulted for the choices. My decoration approach rests on my vast experience in the health sector.

Signs which are integrated in the decoration concept help the visitor to easily identify which secretary works for their physician, or to find their way to the examination room or their doctor's office without asking. 

I advise on de-polluting painting (anti-VOCs) as well.

Loft Appartement Intérieur

My vast experience in the health sector, including in pediatric care and Public Health, allows me to offer you a concept based on a holistic approach, oriented towards the well-being and health of professionals and their patients. Considering that you spend long days at work, your comfort, as well as that of your colleagues and assistants, is accounted for in the decoration process and choices. Welcoming patients, as well as their family and friends in a warm manner, must be strongly stated through decoration.

Example in pediatrics


An unbreakable innovative aquarium table will fascinate little ones, allowing them to securely observe and touch, giving them and their parents  a comforting and relaxing atmosphere alleviating some of the anxiety. The aquarium has both roles of decoration and development medium that will doubtless bring more peace in the waiting room.  

Why innovative? LED light significantly diminishing  algae and waste formation, isolating security-proof glass surface, limite cleaning needs every 3 months, and automatic food dispenser! 

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