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My background in the health sector included active listening and holistic analysis of individual needs, as well as ample experience with approaching people’s intimacy - and your home is indeed part of your intimacy. I also excel in managing complex and tailored-made projects.


From the United States to the UK and Denmark, from Lebanon to Afghanistan, I have retained the mix between East and West, between tradition and modernity. My inclination for out-of-the-way traveling led me to discover the living environment of people across more than 60 countries, with a passion for interior design, beautiful items, original artists and decoration in general. Curious by nature, I am in constant movement towards new projects, at both personal and professional levels. When entering a place, be it a home, a restaurant, a church, or a mountain hut, I love to discover the special touch which gives me a glimpse of my host’s personality, a sign of his/her life course, or a clue revealing his/her dreams.

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