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Be more comfortable in your home!

"When one cannot change the world, one must change the setting."

Daniel Pennac

Let's dream….


Improve your well-being or that of your patients/clients by enhancing your living and/or work environments!  Be proud of entertaining at home, or of receiving clients in your office! Be unlike others and let go of usual neutral tones by revealing your personality right from the door step !

No matter the size of your budget, the type of home you live in or your personality, I am here to help you arrange your new flat or house in an individualised manner and maximise your wellbeing. I take into account of your work environment, your personal and family circumstances, your culture and your natural surroundings or the district you live in.


My fees are totally transparent and very competitive.


Thanks to my vast professional experience in the healthcare sector, I practice active listening and empathy and I am therefore able to quickly grasp your needs and dreams, as well as to find alternatives to the usual brands and neutral trends.


During the whole process you remain at the heart of your project, while I take over all the practical tasks and chores, which allows you to enjoy extra free time !

I cater to individuals - especially targeting expatriates since I once was one -, but also medical practices or therapeutic studios, law practices and businesses (official meals, events, showcases).

Docteur examen femme enceinte

Deco & well-being 

Doctor, therapist, dentist, veterinarian? You have decided to open your practice, but the decoration aspect of it is not your priority? My decoration approach relies on my vast experience in the health sector, including public health. 


What impression do you make upon your clients?

You are an attorney or a notary... You are opening your own practice, but you have no time to think about decoration, or else you realize that your workplace  needs a serious refresh? An appropriate decoration will get the right message across and...the clients will talk around about it !

panneau-des-pays-du monde.jpg

Feel at home in Switzerland!

You are not sure where to shop for your type of decoration in Switzerland and you have a thousand things to do upon your arrival. Would you like to find someone who is familiar with your culture and speaks foreign languages, in order to assist you with your choices, or make them for you?

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