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What I can do for you

Let's (re)construct your home together !


  • You don't like the decoration of your home any more ?

  • You procrastinate over the changes you would like to make, and you envy the look and atmosphere of your friends' homes  ?

  • You are lost in the plethora of decoration magazines and websites ?

  • You are not attracted to the neutral or sometimes bizarre trends one sees in all catalogues and specialized shops? 

  • Your soulmate has a very different taste from yours, and you are not sure how to accommodate everybody?  

I come to your home and guide you towards a solution that will hold into account all the elements that are important for you and your family. 

More simply, or as an introduction to the redecoration process of your home, I can go with you in a shopping tour in order for you to get familiar with what is on the market and to make the main choices which will then determine the atmosphere of your home. This allows you to elaborate on your tastes and your concrete wishes. 

image_planches ambiances.jpg
First non-binding meeting onsite 

Our first meeting (by Facetime or Skype if necessary) aims at clarifying your preferences, wishes, budget and deadline. I use the active listening technique and a specific method to evaluate your needs and those of the people who share your space, like a case history approach, which takes into account your life course, your culture and your personality.

If you decide to go along with the process, I present you with two  proposals called moodboards (these are for a fee), each of them including specific budget for the items, and a separate budget for my fees, by the hour or a lump sum calculated according to the extent and complexity of the work to be carried out. No nasty surprise at the end !

Project implementation
LUMP SUM or 100 CHF /h

I help you select what suits your personality and your tastes best, then I organize the decoration of one or several rooms, reusing your existing belongings if you so wish. I help you chose and match sofas, other furniture, paint and wallpapers, beds, cushions, home textiles, towels, lighting, carpets, curtains, upholstery, and find solutions for small spaces. I can also arrange your entrance hall, garden, terrace, balcony, yard, patio or orchard.


Once you have settled on a project, we sign a contract specifying which services will be offered and the corresponding timeline, clarifying the degree of freedom you give me once the broad lines have been agreed upon.


I collaborate with workers whom I know personally.


Sometimes it only takes a small change to create a completely new atmosphere !

Decoration coaching
120 CHF /h

You show me directly onsite what it is that you would like to change or achieve, which is much more focussed and efficient that a hurried piece of advice in a shop, based on a picture!

According to your taste, your budget and the available volumes, I suggest colours, textures, furniture, artwork, plants and  various objects. You then take care of the shopping and of finding skilled workers. If you wish, I can also implement your project at the above-mentione conditions. 

Sometimes, just a small change or acquisition can do the trick !

If you wish so, I work with a Feng Shui specialist who can advise.

Shopping coach
150 CHF /h

You are overwhelmed by the number of shops to visit, you are not sure where to start and what you should change or buy first?   


I select a few providers and businesses in advance, according to your taste and the needs we defined beforehand, then I guide you physically or on the internet. You spare free time and avoid being so discouraged by the task that you never act on your ideas! 

Home staging
150 CHF /h

You want to sell your property, or you are a real estate business, and you try to maximize its attractiveness so that it appeals to the largest public and therefore sells quicker and at a higher price. Whatever your budget, I sort out furniture and advise you on well-targeted buys, possibly a bit of repainting that will help you reach these objectives.


I can also furnish an empty apartment (flat), or carry out a 3D simulation of various possibilities, which leaves the freedom of choice to the buyer.

Succession: inventory and enhancement of objects
100 CHF /h

You must sell the content of a deceased family member, but you don't have time to go around and enquire on their value on the market and their potential buyers?

I sort out and even relook furniture of vintage items if appropriate.

Projet assise1.png
Individual course on the use of a 3D software
100 CHF / h
You dream of visualizing your project as it would be in reality, but IT is not your cup of tea and professional softwares are too expensive or too complicated?
I help you step by step in using a free 3D software. One or two half days should do. 

My service area covers Western Switzerland (French-speaking part), but please feel free to contact me even if you are in another region or still abroad. Everything can be discussed !

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